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Results 2018-2019

Super 32 & Preseason Results 

Congratulations to our national champs from this past weekend! Mason Gehloff, Dreshaun Ross, Kale Petersen, Ryker Graff, Brent Dennhardt, and Michael Olson!

Preseason Nationals: 

Mason Gehloff - 1st 
Mike Olson - 1st 
Ryker Graff - 1st 
Brent Dennhardt - 1st
Koy Davidson - 4th 
Blake West - 4th
Joel Jesuroga - 4th
Chase Thomas -5th 
Tucker Stangel - 6th 
Wil Oberbroeckling - 7th 
Carson Taylor - 7th 

Super 32: 

Dreshaun Ross - 1st 
Kale Petersen - 1st 
Haakon Peterson - 2nd 
Drake Ayala - 2nd 
Ben Kueter - 3rd 
Wes Anderson - 3rd 
Nate Jesuroga - 5th 
Dru Ayala - 6th 
Cullan Schriever - 6th 
Carter Freeman - 7th 

2018 State Champions

USA/AAU/High School State

Carter Fousek                     Dreshaun Ross            Aiden Riggins           

Brent Dennhardt                 Wes Anderson            Jace Rhodes             

McKinley Robbins                Nolan Fellers             Cullan Schriever       

Tucker Stangel                     Nick Oldham             Shea Ruffridge          

Haakon Peterson                 Kale Petersen            Kade Blume              

Matt Lewis                            Reid Spurley              Mike Olson                

Schoolboy & Cadet Dual Results



Cadet Results

SWA was well represented this year at Schoolboy & Cadet National duals 
Aiden Riggins-AA
Dru Ayala
Isaiah Weber
Kale Petersen-AA
Lane Brenden-AA
Chase Thomas
Brandon O'Brien
Carter Fousek-AA
Lane Cowell
Drake Ayala
Hayden Taylor
Caleb Rathjen-AA
Blake West-AA
Mason Gehloff-AA (Undefeated in both Styles & wasn't scored on in freestyle)

SWA at Tulsa Nationals final results:

Nolan Fellers - 1st 
Dreshaun Ross - 1st 
Nathanael Jesuroga - 1st 
Tucker Stangel - 2nd 
Brent Dennhardt - 3rd 
Kale Petersen - 3rd 
Haakon Peterson - 3rd 
Ben Kueter - 3rd
Carter Freeman - 4th 
Mike Olson - 5th 
Ryker Graff - 5th 
McKinley Robbins - 6th 
Mac Crosson - 6th 
Cain Crosson - 6th

On to USA state! #stayhungry \S/



SWA at AAU Winter Nationals final results -


Dreshaun Ross - 1st
Colten Maves - 1st 
Brent Dennhardt - 1st
Carter Freeman - 1st 
Ty Solverson - 1st 
Damarion Ross - 1st 
Nathanael Jesuroga - 1st 
McKinley Robbins - 1st 
Justis Jesuroga - 2nd 
Nolan Fellers - 2nd 
Wil Oberbroeckling - 2nd
Tucker Stangel - 2nd 
Kale Petersen - 2nd 
Ben Kueter - 2nd 
Ryker Graff - 3rd
Koy Davidson - 4th
Dru Ayala - 5th 
Preston Prazak - 5th
Tate Hollenkamp - 6th
Charlie Boelman - 7th

SWA wrestlers overall records/final results at VAC Holiday National Duals 2018:


Brent Dennhardt 11-0 Gold All-American 
Nate Jesuroga 9-1 Silver All-American 
Haakon Peterson 9-2 Bronze AA
Reid Spurley 8-2 Bronze AA 
Wes Anderson 3-1
Nolan Fellers 8-3 
Kale Petersen 7-3
Ben Kueter 7-3 
Wil Oberbroeckling 5-3
Mike Olson 6-4
Kade Blume 6-4
Layne Brenden 6-4
Chase Thomas 6-4
Tucker Stangel 5-5
McKinley Robbins 5-5




2018 Flo Kickoff Classic Results

Nolan Fellers - 1st 
Dreshaun Ross - 1st *5x Kickoff Champ
Haakon Peterson - 1st 
Mike Olson - 2nd 
Kale Petersen - 2nd 
Brent Dennhardt - 2nd 
Nate Jesuroga - 2nd 
Ben Kueter - 2nd 
Colton Maves - 3rd 
Tucker Stangel - 3rd 
Carter Freeman - 4th 
Chase Thomas - 4th

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