Sebolt Wrestling Academy is an intense, elite program looking for goal-oriented wrestlers that want to develop their skills and become a winner both on and off the mat.  A program for those who TRULY aspire to being state champions, national champions, and world champions


 SWA offers top notch facilities and training environment, free trial practices, hands-on knowledgeable coaching, 8hrs of standard practice time weekly, private lessons for members and more.

This is an opportunity for those wrestlers who are the 1%ers.. Meaning, we will challenge you on a level you’ve never been challenged before - mentally, physically, and emotionally.

We will hold you to a higher standard while providing you technical expertise.


If this is something you’re interested in - if you want to be a different person, a better person - mentally, physically, emotionally & technically


Sebolt Wrestling Academy is for YOU

Contact: 641 895 3436
Email: seboltwrestling@hotmail.com.


World Team Member

Nate Jesuroga 51KG 


Schedule Subject to Change